• Таможенное оформление
    Customs clearance
    We offer a wide range of services for customs clearance of goods, goods and equipment
  • Support of foreign trade activities
    Support of foreign trade activities
    We offer full support of foreign trade operations, including settlements with a foreign supplier
  • Cargo delivery
    Cargo delivery
    We carry out delivery of goods from China to any point of Russia
  • Transport service
    Transport service
    We provide freight forwarding services for the transportation of any goods from China

Customs clearance of "turnkey"

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ATB company provides customs clearance services in the city of Vladivostok:

- Suppliers - organizations specializing in the field of foreign trade and importing products into the territory of Russia;
- brands - companies that produce goods in China or other countries and selling products in the territory of the Russian Federation;
- start-up entrepreneurs - businessmen forming a logistics supply chain;
- transport companies - searching for the most mutually beneficial forms of partnership.

Customs clearance

ATB is effective in reducing the cost of customs clearance of goods from China:

Service includes:

  • minimize legal, customs, logistics, monetary and financial and human risks;
  • We guarantee the absence of customs claims due to inadequate numbers, volume and weight of goods;
  • We ensure the unimpeded supply to the Russian market;
  • We support the continuity of the highest level of customs control at all stages of the foreign economic activity;
  • achieve 100% transparency of transactions;
  • eliminating the need to register as a participant of foreign trade activities, opening of foreign currency accounts and transactions of the gross.


The benefits of cooperation with us

  1. You'll save time, instructing all care professional customs representative;
  2. You will save money, relying on our experienced staff in the development of the project delivery and customs clearance of goods;
  3. You will receive an individual project delivery and customs clearance, the best in all respects, it is for your cargo and en route;
  4. You will be able to work in peace, and sleep in the process of customs declaration of your goods, because we will do the whole process manageable and absolutely predictable;
  5. You get a full range of high quality services.


Because Customs Broker "ATB" since 1992. we have gained during this time:

  • solid experience,
  • highly certified professionals are constantly improving their level of professionalism,
  • rallied a viable team, working on the result,
  • well-established relations with the customs authorities, the largest transport companies in Russia and abroad, warehouses and terminals, equipped with the latest technology.

So, all you have to do to get your product - give us a call or submit your application online. Everything else - our concern.

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