Customs clearance procedures

Customs procedures - a list of standards, requirements and constraints which characterize the status and conditions of disposal of goods imported into the customs territory of the Customs Union, or intended for export.

The list of customs procedures proposed to the CC CU, and the declarant shall be entitled to place the goods under any of them.

The procedure of customs clearance , as well as its change can be carried out only after compliance with certain conditions the premises as well as the only person who fulfills the requirements of TK.

Types of customs procedures

CU CC 17 provides for procedures under which goods may be placed, following across the border, but not all are equally frequently used in practice. One of the most sought following:

  • Customs export procedure : goods which are determined by this procedure, it is planned to take out of the customs territory without a subsequent return. Also, the use of the export regime is permitted in relation to goods which are abroad under the procedures for temporary export and processing outside the customs territory. If regime change is not necessary to bring the goods to the customs authorities, and after the payment of all necessary payments the owner has the right to use them at their discretion;
  • the customs procedure of customs transit : in accordance with the regime for goods transported between customs bodies of departure and arrival. Transit control by the customs authorities, and the route may pass through the territory of states that do not serve the TC members. In most cases, this mode is applied to foreign goods, as well as internal, if the logistics route passes through the territory of the country, which has no membership in TC;
  • the customs procedure of temporary import : products of foreign origin placed under this procedure is used in the CU only a certain time, and then lends itself to re-export. Exemption from payment can be conditional, full or partial. Most often this procedure enter a variety of exhibition copies, as well as goods imported for use by foreign missions;
  • the customs procedure of processing of goods : the customs regime provides several varieties. The first of these - the importation of foreign goods which are exported after processing back. The second - processing for consumption within the customs territory of the subsequent release into free circulation. And the last - processing with the removal of the customs territory and then return. These customs regimes have different mechanisms and fees accrual terms of taxes and the application of regulatory measures and prohibited.

Special customs procedures

Special customs procedure provides import / export of certain categories of goods on a preferential basis (without paying duties). The list of goods that fall under this mode, the vehicle is determined by the Commission.

The specialists of "Association of Customs Brokers" provide expert assistance relating to the placement of goods under a special procedure, as well as by others, the most favorable for the client (the customs procedure of customs warehouse, import, export, processing, transit, etc.). 

Our services - a rapid and unimpeded passage of the customs control.


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