Documents required for customs clearance

Документы, необходимые для таможенного оформленияDocuments required for customs clearance and the order of their presentation is determined at the national level for all traders. Their list is not standardized and depends on the following factors:

    • the direction of movement of the declared goods;
    • the purpose of the import-export operations;
    • the conditions under which one or the other cargo should be transported;
    • especially settlement between FEA partners;
    • bonded mode selected or changed;
    • code of the commodity nomenclature, as well as the restrictions and responsibilities that depend on it.

    Self-preparation of the necessary documentation is not only a long time to hold the goods at the border, but also lead to the imposition of sanctions and liability (civil or criminal), due to inaccuracies and errors.

    Even large companies with significant experience in foreign trade, customs clearance outsource. This makes it possible to significantly improve the speed and reduce the risks that accompany the customs clearance.

    List of documents for customs clearance of goods

    Documents required for customs clearance must be provided correctly filled and within the boundaries of designated time frame.

    In the case of supply of copies of documents, the authorized customs officer shall require their original for verification and to make at the same time the appropriate notation. Documents required for customs clearance:

    • declaration (in the case of the transfer of authority for its completion the broker provides the relevant contract);
    • foreign trade agreement (exchange, performance of services or works, the sale and so on.). The contract can be drawn up in the languages ​​of the parties to conclude it;
    • further under the contract agreement;
    • specification and packing list with the exact list of products;
    • shipping documents as required (TIR Carnet, an international or Russian automobile, air, / Railway invoice, bill of lading);
    • commercial documents (orders, bills);
    • documents according to which is determined by the customs value (may be challenged by the authorized person of the customs service) and so forth.

    List of documents for customs clearance of goods and supplemented by the following resolutions:

    • IBEC RF license (for tariff control), Federal Customs Service;
    • resolution of other Ministries (culture, agriculture, health, communications and so on.);
    • certification documents (origin of the goods, veterinary and phytosanitary certificates), etc.

    Other documents required for customs clearance of imports or exports, are served at the request of the customs services. All operating points that arise at customs can be provided only by professionals with extensive experience.

    The company "Association of Customs Brokers" will ensure that the documents required for customs clearance of export and import and other operations will be prepared and filed in the required amount in the stated period. 


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