Air cargo shipping

Доставка грузов авиа

Delivery of goods by air transport is the most expeditious means of transportation, for humanity so far failed to invent faster airplanes cargo carriers.

plane delivery of goods in certain cases even the only useful method of transportation, since some regions it is impossible to deliver the goods other than aircraft and are perishable goods and other goods that require fast delivery place.

Delivery of goods from China by air

Delivery of goods from China by plane refers to the urgent transport types. This option allows you to get your cargo in a matter of days.

However, this method has some drawbacks:

  • high cost in comparison with other delivery options;
  • restrictions on the size and nature of the cargo;
  • in most cases delivery is made only to major airports, and further transportation falls on vehicles.

But despite these shortcomings, aviatransportirovka enjoyed success as the highest efficiency and safety of goods is more than covers all the negative points.

Delivery of goods by air from China

air cargo shipping

Delivery of goods from China by air involves a range of activities or steps:

  • buying consignment from a Chinese company;
  • transportation to the warehouse, cargo consolidation, if necessary;
  • the selection of the optimal flight and type of aircraft;
  • conclusion of an agreement with the airline, the coordination of all matters relating to the goods and their delivery systems;
  • preparation of all necessary documents, the marking of the goods;
  • delivery of cargo to the airport;
  • loading;
  • aviatransportirovka;
  • unloading;
  • customs clearance;
  • transportation of goods to the customer.

At each stage of control is important and necessary knowledge and experience.

Air delivery of goods from China

Based on the foregoing air delivery of goods from China is not such a simple exercise from an organizational point of view. Moreover during this process may be difficult, in which ordinary people will be unprepared and unable to quickly and accurately respond to them. As a result, all this will have an impact on the cost and time expenses.

It is therefore the most feasible option is to entrust cargo transport aircraft present art.

Employees' Association of Customs Brokers "- a competent experts in the field of logistics and customs legislation. We have a huge experience in this area and the necessary resources to carry out these activities. We guarantee you timeliness and minimum costs for customs clearance.

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