Delivery of goods from Korea, China, Japan

Доставка грузов из Японии

Today the economy of the Asia-Pacific region is developing very actively - is made almost almost everything: from cheap consumer goods to advanced high-tech products.

In the countries of the region are functioning and local corporations, brands that are famous all over the world, and the company built by foreigners. Products of Asian origin are in high demand in many countries, including in Russia. Therefore, such service as delivery of goods from China, Japan and Korea is gaining increasing popularity among domestic companies.

Delivery of goods from Asia is quite complicated because of the range of distances and of the geographical location of the region. So, from Japan and Korea only by sea can deliver solid volume and weight of the loads, and the delivery of goods from China in this way is more convenient for many reasons. 
Differences in legislation and the need for customs clearance of Asian goods also pose some difficulties for their transportation in Russia. 
If the goods to be delivered from several countries at once - for example, part of Japan, as part of China, the problem of cargo delivery becomes even more serious: to drive these parties individually goods too expensive, andtogether - uncomfortable.

But all these problems can be solved, if the delivery of goods from Japan, Korea and China is engaged in the transport and logistics company that can organize and provide extremely fast, reliable and cheap transportation of goods.

Company "Association of Customs Brokers" organizes deliveries of a wide variety of goods from countries in the Asia-Pacific region is not the first year, has all the necessary resources, their representatives in these countries, as well as robust business relationships with manufacturing and transport companies engaged in multimodal transportations , in the region. All this makes it possible to carry out the delivery of goods from Japan, China and Korea to Russia as soon as possible and with maximum comfort for the client.

We regularly and often deliver goods from China ports (Tinzin, Shanghai, Qingdao, Zhangjiagang), Korea (Kunsan), Japan (Toyama). Cargo weight can be any, but the delivery time will always be minimal. 
At the same time we can offer not only delivery from port to port, but also a consolidated shipment of goods from these countries. For example, sending goods from China, we can make a stop at any port in China or Korea and reload containers, equipment or bulk cargo.

As we practice cargo consolidation several customers in one port of a certain date, which significantly reduces the cost of maritime transport. Thus, you do not have to think about exactly how to calculate optimum routes of delivery of goods to pay for it does not - you get all of their cargo in the port of Vladivostok.

Our profile - not only the delivery of goodsfrom Japan, China and Korea to Vladivostok - we can deliver the goods in any region of Russia, to produce his customs clearance, and insurance for sertifitsirovat.V general, do everything that the client did not spend too much time and money to numerous formalities and quietly doing their business , being sure to get your goods safely, safety and at the appointed time.

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