Consulting of foreign trade activities

FEA Consulting - is a process of providing comprehensive advice to sellers, buyers and producers on matters relating to the purchase of goods abroad, as well as customs clearance, transportation and other operations.

Foreign economic activity (FEA) provides a solution to the increased complexity of problems affecting various aspects of doing business in the international format. Not every company in Vladivostok can afford to staff the relevant qualifications, but getting the advice of outside experts a chance to significantly optimize enterprise performance.

The company "Association of Customs Brokers" provides consulting services for clients who do not have sufficient experience and in-house expertise in the field of international cooperation or planning one-off export-import activities. We offer the following:

  • Консалтинг внешнеэкономической деятельности
    • audit and optimization of the previously developed or planning a new model of foreign trade regulations;
    • consulting support import-export transactions at any stage;
    • assistance in the development of foreign trade contracts and other necessary documents;
    • advice on international law;
    • solution exchange control issues;
    • search for new markets and foreign partners, as well as verification of their reliability;
    • consulting on customs clearance of goods of any category;
    • information help to develop the most optimal logistic schemes both on foreign territory, and within the country;
    • providing information on doing business in the territory of the partner country, and so on.

    It is difficult to list all the issues that can arise when trying to enter the international market. Failure to comply with legislation jeopardizes the feasibility of any actions and threatens significant financial and other losses.

    So you do not have to divert staff and other resources from the core business, our experts are ready to provide information support at all stages of planning and implementation of foreign trade operations. 

    FEA Consulting ordered from us - a real chance to reach a new level of international business with minimal financial cost.


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