Features of customs clearance of various cargoes

Особенности растаможки грузовEach type has its own characteristics of cargo customs clearance or conventional - clearance. For example, customs clearance of containers, often carried out in large ports. The features available in the customs clearance of cargoes, that is, those which consist of several small-sized cargoes belonging to different organizations.

To all goods imported into the territory of our country, it must meet certain requirements, which is why some types of goods are necessarily accompanied by certificates and other permissive documents establishing the conformity of products with the requirements of the Russian legislation.A customs clearance technology provides for the mandatory technical expertise.

Customs clearance of food differs primarily by the presence of quarantine permit the importation of products from the country from which he came. In addition there is a separate certification, perhaps even the letter of the content of some substances, such as pesticides. Since the food products have a limited shelf life and most even belong to the perishable, the key role played by the duration of customs clearance procedures.

Its features is the customs clearance of cars , as well as customs clearance of trucks and special vehicles. This applies to customs clearance practices, as well as customs clearance tariffs. For example, when customs clearance cars, tariffs for businesses and individuals vary greatly in power, the differences are calculated. Sometimes the amount of the difference can be very significant. Customs clearance of vehicles made in view of its life (that is, the year of issue). When customs clearance of trucks and special vehicles accounted for the car capacity.

Customs clearance of the motorcycle requires payment of the fee of the motorcycle cost specified in the catalog, the payment of excise duty and VAT on the cost of the motorcycle, and excise duties. It is worth noting that the customs clearance of the motorcycle excise levied only on the models, the power of which more than 150 hp ..

Special attention is required customs clearance of goods arriving from Asia. Quite often, the goods came from Asian countries, especially China, for a long time delay because of bureaucratic red tape. The reason for this situation is the large flow of counterfeit products from these countries.

But in any case, China, like other Asian countries, are very attractive for investors and companies from around the world, and they choose the country as the main areas for the production, which means that the flow of goods from these countries every year will only grow.

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