The responsibility of the customs broker

Ответственность таможенного брокераThe responsibility of a customs broker - it is a responsibility that lies on the customs broker before the customs authorities and to the person whose representative serves a customs representative.The responsibility of a customs broker before the customs authorities is not limited to the terms of the contract with the person he represents.

Responsibility to the customs authorities

The customs broker is responsible for payment of customs duties and charges, as well as for the accuracy of declarations, a similar responsibility of the declarant. That is, assuming the obligation to customs clearance, customs broker and takes the same responsibility provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

In order to address the customs representative person has not suffered, or rather, that he was paid for damage caused to the customs broker as a result of its activities, the legislation provides for compulsory insurance of liability of the customs broker and therefore everything customs brokers Russia are obliged to insure their responsibility.

In this case, under the insurance risk fall:

  • Incorrect calculation of customs payments, for example, an incorrect calculation of the customs clearance of cars ;
  • Violation of the terms of the declarations;
  • Paying excessive customs duties in respect of the declared goods;
  • Non-payment or incomplete payment of fees;
  • Payment of fines for non-compliance or improper performance of customs operations;
  • Failure to comply with the conditions of use of the goods, which have not yet completed the customs clearance procedure.

If as a result of these risks have been harmed property of third parties, which is the result of wrong in customs clearance and improper control, the insurance company agrees to pay the damages suffered by the insured, that is a customs broker. Thus, protected the property interests of not only the broker, but the person whose representative acts as a customs broker.

The responsibility of a customs broker to the client

Any relationship between the customs broker and the person whose representative he acts, defined by the contract. In the same contract necessarily prescribed duties of the customs broker and his responsibility.

However, the contract item does not have to contradict the current legislation of the Russian Federation. As well as the agreement may not be limited to the broker responsible to the customs authorities.

"Association of Customs Brokers": equal responsibility as the law, and the client

Customs clearance of Vladivostok - is the main activity of the company "Association of Customs Brokers."

We undertake the whole burden of responsibility with confidence, because our motto is maximum transparency and maximum efficiency, to optimize customs procedures.

If you are interested in a reliable and responsible customs broker, and Vladivostok - is an area of ​​your business, the "Association of the customs brokers' work in this area and will be happy to provide you with the necessary support and assistance, taking on his shoulders the whole burden of responsibility for customs clearance.

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