Groupage is a consolidation of small consignments for the convenience of delivery to the destination, increase the profitability of delivery and reduce transport costs. The carriage of cargoes requires a special approach, because not all products can be combined with each other. Also should be carefully monitored to avoid loss or damage happened.

This kind of delivery is most often used by small business owners who need to bring a small batch of goods. Eg, phones or other small appliances, clothing or shoes, etc.

Сборные грузы из Китая

Cargo consolidation method is used quite often, because in this way you can make maximum use of the cargo space of transport or container that allows you to distribute the cost of transportation between all translatable load. Thus the magnitude of the cost of transportation seems to remain the same - a constant, but per unit load is much lower.

To consolidate the cargo needed consolidation warehouses where goods are collected and distributed over the physical and chemical characteristics and trends delivery. Of course, to consolidate spend enough time, so to speed up the delivery process should seek the help of large companies, different experiences and great cargo traffic.

Cargoes from Asia-Pacific countries

In order to deliver general cargo from any country in the Asia Pacific region, we need not only to consolidation warehouses. You also need to correctly calculate the transport scheme, selecting the best form of transport. After all, most of the consolidation of resorting to save, so do not neglect the opportunity to save on transport.

Besides choosing the right mode of transportation can win the time spent on the consolidation of cargo and thus accelerate the process of delivery.

An integrated approach to a delivery of goods , providing cargo consolidation, the selection of the optimal scheme of transportation, customs clearance and delivery to the requirements, and helps to save time and money.

It was on such an approach is specialized 'Association of Customs Brokers. " Our employees - highly qualified specialists in the field of logistics and customs legislation. In our hands all the necessary resources, including storage consolidation, reliable staff in the field and close cooperation with leading transport companies. We guarantee you consistently high-quality results and optimum delivery time and cost.

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