Customs clearance

Are you interested in customs clearance of goods and goods from China, Japan or Korea?

Consult on the issue in the "Association of Customs Brokers."

Our staff are working upscale lawyers, experts in the field of customs law and other fields.

This ensures high-quality implementation of the customs clearance of any goods with regard to their characteristics.

How is the customs clearance in our company

When you call us, you get a full range of services related with cargo rastomazhivaniem. The specialists of "Association of Customs Brokers" will take the following questions:

  • Preparation of a complete and valid documents for submission to the customs declaration. It is carried out with regard to the requirements of normative-legal acts and on the basis of the experience of cooperation of our company with the Far Eastern Customs.
  • The classification of imported goods for tariff and customs and tariff procedures (calculation of taxes, duties, etc.) Regulation. We guarantee to hold true to the classification, in order to avoid any problems with the process, as the customs clearance of goods, and a waste of time (in the presence of the customs authorities alone classifies errors that fraught time losses).
  • Calculation of the customs value of goods, as well as validation of its performance.
  • Check the settlement of financial issues between the parties involved in the transaction, the presence of permissive documents of various organs, the validity of the entire package for customs clearance. This minimizes the likelihood of delays of goods and an increase in cleaning time.

We carry out customs clearance of goods of all types, including equipment (technological, medical, etc.) - category, traditionally considered the most difficult. In this case, we will provide assistance in obtaining from the manufacturers detailed technical description, justification of the producing country, obtaining permits (certificates, etc.) On the import into the Russian Federation equipment, etc.

Why it is necessary to contact us for customs clearance

Self clear the goods for export and import may require a lot of time. Because without knowing the nuances, which a lot of different products, will have to solve the problem of "on the go". This, in turn, can lead to disruptions in delivery times and outstanding obligations to customers and partners.

Trusting the process, we can be sure that the company's experts will provide for all possible questions that may arise during customs clearance, in order to avoid problems.

The company "Association of Customs Brokers" has all the necessary licenses for the current actions. This gives you the confidence that the clearance procedure will be carried out in strict accordance with the law, without any negative consequences for the customer.

Entrust customs cleared us, and it will be implemented in full compliance with the stated terms.


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