Customs clearance of express cargo

Таможенное оформление экспресс-грузов

Customs clearance of express cargo provides for the application of simplified procedures to minimize the time spent at the border crossing.

The Customs Code defines express freight goods to be a high-speed transportation by any mode of transport in accordance with the individual consignment and for a fixed period of time. The movement of goods can be tracked through an electronic information system.

Through Vladivostok from China and other countries express cargo daily are thousands of items, some of which may be important documents, components for aftermarket tinning vehicles and machinery, industrial samples, biological fluids, and other information carriers. 

This should immediately make a reservation, that the observance of the delivery time depends on the validity of the documents for customs.

If all the information is given in full, the customs clearance takes from 1.5 to 8 hours of working time. Otherwise, the financial cost of express delivery are not met, and the carrier's reputation will be irreparably damaged.

The company "Association of Customs Brokers" provides services on registration of express cargo at the border. Minimum terms of cargo declaration are guaranteed to be satisfied, because we have:

  • staff consists of professionals with a high level of knowledge of the customs legislation and features of foreign trade;
  • offices around the Far East region, which is a prerequisite compliance timeframes;
  • 20-year experience of cooperation with the customs authorities makes it possible to navigate all the intricacies of the customs declaration of goods;
  • established business relationships with reliable transport companies allow you to develop the most optimal logistics routes through Vladivostok and other cities with the smooth passage of the customs control.

We are always aware of innovations and changes that are characteristic of the customs legislation of the Russian Federation, therefore, we guarantee the perfect execution of all types of cargo.  


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