Customs clearance of spare parts

Таможенное оформление запчастей

Customs clearance of spare parts - one of the popular services provided by "the Association of customs brokers" in Vladivostok and throughout the Far East region.

If we consider that a significant proportion of vehicles and other equipment imported it from abroad, even their accessories are also an integral part of the import.

In addition, many Russian companies produce products in this category for export, which requires a corresponding design of products for export outside the customs union.

Based on the type of transport and the customs procedure under which the load is placed, its declaration is made as a border customs authorities, and within the country of the place of receipt.

Customs clearance of imported parts is carried out under the following conditions:

  • original products to be supplied to individual rooms under the manufacturer's brand name in the original packaging with the logo or label;
  • for registration of customs documents every detail is assigned a code TN VED;
  • components for cars of foreign manufacture are supplied by an authorized warehouse or by the manufacturer;
  • the recipient must not have tax and customs violations for a specific period (1 year);
  • the estimated value of the goods is established on the basis of financial documents, but in case of disagreement may be revised by the customs authorities, but not always in favor of the declarant;
  • Customs clearance of goods in this category is carried out on a common basis with payment of customs duties and tax charges.

In view of the extensive range of imported products, customs clearance of spare parts and other components requires not only a thorough knowledge of the legal framework, but also a solid experience.

Allowing even small mistakes can not only lead to a downtime of cargo at the border, but also entail the application of penalties.

Our experts are ready to work with an extensive list of headings, correctly classifying parts and other products, to achieve the maximum legal reduce financial costs. If necessary, customers interests are upheld in the customs and other authorities.

The company "Association of Customs Brokers" is also assisting in the search and purchase of spare parts, organizes their transportation to Vladivostok and other cities. 


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