Customs control of goods in transit will be accelerated

The customs authorities continue to work on improving control mechanisms. So the relationship had been established prior information and electronic transit. This will allow businesses to apply once.

Carriers that use of e-declaration transit technology, on arrival in the territory of the EEC will be able to restrict the provision of electronic transit declaration. Data from this Declaration will be used as preliminary information. That is, it will be pre-specified and direct transit declaration.

From now on it will be possible to apply only once. This will use once submitted documents at all stages of customs clearance, which will significantly reduce the time costs of participants of foreign trade activities.

Used technologies exclude the paper documents. The process of providing information to the customs authorities greatly simplified. As a result of reduced time, and the process becomes more transparent and understandable. This will inevitably lead to the fact that the goods will be able to more quickly pass checkpoints.

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