Customs Transit

Таможенный транзит

Bonded transit - one of the commonly used custom procedures on transnational movement of goods in the implementation codes.

Is the transportation of goods through the territory of the customs union from one customs body to another, as well as on the territory of those states that are not members.

The procedure is performed under the supervision of the authorized customs bodies without levying customs duties and possible sanctions, with the exception of non-tariff and technical regulation.

Depending on the route of movement, distinguished domestic and international customs transit. Registration of customs transit may be needed if, for example, goods from abroad arrived in the port of Vladivostok, and the recipient is in Moscow and it wants to carry out customs clearance.

To this end, after passing the formal object of sale under customs control are transported to their destination. Similarly, from any Customs office of Russia transit cargo can be sent to a third country.

Making internal customs transit

Under the customs transit procedure may be placed in all kinds of Bonded goods (except prohibited by law), transported by any carriers on all types of transport.

Making internal customs transit occurs after providing the following information:

  • name, legal address and actual location of the recipient / sender. Information confirmed by the transport documents;
  • customs transitthe country from which or to which you want the goods;
  • the carrier or freight forwarder;
  • vehicle, and in case of use of the car, and information is provided about the driver;
  • species name, quantity, value of goods transported, TN VED codes;
  • the total number of available packages;
  • name of the customs authority where the goods should be;
  • possible handling operations on the route;
  • transportation time;
  • route in the case of planning for a particular route of movement.

When making a domestic customs transit Federal CU authorized person shall not be entitled to demand other documents not identified in the list.

Transit goods should remain in an unaltered state during the entire route, but not the result of natural influences, not be used for any other, except for transit purposes, delivered to the destination in the strictly regulated order, have intact means of identification.

Any problems associated with cross-border goods can be as different versions of successful solutions and pitfalls. 

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