Transportation services

Транспортные услуги

Transport services on transportation and delivery of goods - one of the key areas of the company, "the Association of customs brokers" in the Far East.

For organizations operating in the market of export-import, fast delivery of goods is a prerequisite of successful work, but for ordinary people in the country - a convenient way to improve the welfare and quality of life.

ATB performs international transportation of all kinds, designing optimal logistics solutions that enable customers to reduce costs and reduce delivery time.

Employees - qualified professionals with 20 years of experience in the organization of transport, forwarding, security, insurance, and customs clearance.

ATB: the provision of transport services of expert-level

Transport servicesThe provision of transport services for the carriage of goods in the company "Association of Customs Brokers" includes:

  • clearance precast and consolidation of shipments from several suppliers;
  • multimodal logistics with the option of delivery "from door to door";
  • transporting goods requiring unusual transportation conditions;
  • possibility of transporting cargo of VTT procedure;
  • rapid customs clearance of any goods and fast delivery of the order.

Transport services to individuals

The provision of transport services to individuals in the AMB may include options:

  • Transport services to individualstransportation and delivery of cargoes;
  • international express, air transport;
  • road transport;
  • maritime transport;
  • rail transportation;
  • intermodal and multimodal transport;
  • door-to-door delivery format.

ATB service is distinguished by:

  • No risk - expert level commands and hands-on experience of many years of transportation at all levels enable us to reduce risks to a "zero."
  • Minimum delivery - designed logistics solutions make it possible to significantly reduce the time of shipment and clearance of goods.
  • The optimality of the selected transport - individual development of each project provides a selection of the most economical and convenient delivery methods.

Transport services to legal entities

Customs clearance and transportation services ATB allow the company to significantly reduce the cost of cargo transportation. The complex services include:

  • Regional transportation of all categories Auto / railway, river, sea, road and blended delivery. The company provides services to consolidate shipments, warehousing, freight forwarding and cargo handling;
  • transit - with complex customs and logistics support - by road and rail, in the form of multimodal shipments;
  • international traffic to / from South East Asia, North and South America, Europe, air, w / d, road and sea transport;
  • traffic on the Russian general, containerized, bulk, oversized, dangerous, perishable and other goods by all types of transport;
  • cargo insurance;
  • cargo escort to conduct quality inspection of goods, coordination of cargo samples for control, inspection before shipment, etc., providing the customer with detailed photo;
  • the formation of modular cargoes;
  • integrated solutions for customs clearance, transport and delivery of goods to recipients in the "batch" format.
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