The increase in trade volume for the five months between China and Russia amounted to 2.7%

Увеличение объема торговли  за пять месяцев между КНР и РоссиейAccording to statistics provided by the customs authorities of the PRC, the results of trading activities between partner countries tend to increase. Over a period of five months of this year, analysts have voiced a figure of 2.7%.

The increase in turnover is ascertained to $ 25.82 billion. As regards exports of Asian businesses in Russia, the statistics also notes its increase at 9.2% to $ 12.86 billion. Against this background, there is a decrease in the number of imports of goods of domestic production in China 2 , 9% to $ 12.96 billion.

Analyzing the features of trade relations between the two countries, experts say a decline in their performance, which is reflected in the 27.8% to $ 64.2 billion, as evidenced by the results of the financial analysis. Volumes of imported goods in different categories in the Chinese market have decreased by 19.1% to $ 31.4 billion. The number of Chinese products imported into the Russian Federation increased to $ 32.9 billion, accounting for 34.4%.

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