Temporary importation

временный ввоз

Customs clearance vehicle - a procedure that requires compliance with certain conditions. As a general rule, the experts were invited to work in Russia, tourists or foreigners who had come to stay, prefer to move around the country, using their own transport. Of course, it should be to make the formalization of importation of the vehicle.

The import of vehicles in Russia for personal use

Car or motorcycle into the territory of our country can cost a round sum. However, there is an option as to bring the vehicle to the Russian Federation is cheap and completely legal, the customs clearance of the motorcycle or a car is not required. And this version - the temporary import of the vehicle.

Temporary importation takes less financial investment of time and effort in the case where the vehicle will be limited stay up to one year. In this case, your vehicle must be registered abroad, or simply belong to a foreigner - citizen of a foreign state. TC must be used by the alien or his official representative in Russia.

Transport import conditions permit the use of the vehicle for personal use only. Of shipments, or otherwise use the vehicle for commercial purposes is prohibited. Nor can transfer the imported vehicles for rent. 
Temporary importation of a vehicle on favorable terms possible for one year. After this period should make re-registration documents and pay the fees charged by the customs authorities. Foreigners residing in the territory of the Russian Federation, are not able to take advantage of the temporary importation.

Advantages temporary admission

What is the convenience and appeal of this method of vehicle importation? Firstly, in the minimum time to be spent on the design. Secondly, in a low cost design, because the temporary importation freed from taxes, customs duties, and the calculation of customs clearance in this case is not required. The third positive aspect is the fact that when you make a temporary import of transport on the territory of our country require a minimum set of documents: documents confirming the right of possession and use of the vehicle and a modern passenger customs declaration. It will also need a MTPL policy, issue and receive that vehicle owner can directly at the customs.

It should be noted that, starting in 2010, the order of registration of temporary import has undergone significant positive changes: the need to cancel the mandatory registration of the vehicle and obtain an official license.

Registration of vehicles temporarily imported into the territory of Russia, made directly at the customs office where the vehicle owner receives all the necessary documents.

If it becomes necessary to extend the term of the vehicle in the territory of the Russian Federation, will need to address in the internal organs of the Russian Customs Service.

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