Outsourcing of foreign economic activity

FEA Outsourcing, like any other kind of outsourcing, provides for the transfer of functions related to the conduct of foreign trade, a third-party company that specializes in providing such services.

Given that the international transactions of all sizes provides presence awareness and experience, not only in business but also in the ever-changing customs legislation, delegation of appropriate functions to professionals will significantly save time, money and human resources. This explains the effectiveness of outsourcing and its demand in the market.

Many companies Vladivostok found on the fact that the FEA is outsourcing and appreciate its benefits, abandoned on the content of their own departments.

After all, before the use of foreign goods and raw materials in their work, it is necessary to find them, buy and transport across the border. As practice shows, FEA outsourcing cost is much lower than the estimated costs that the company would have incurred in self-conduct of affairs. 

Tracking VED: types and characteristics of the services provided

The company "Association of Customs Brokers" has a huge experience in conducting foreign operations (over 20 years), so we can offer a range of high quality services:

  1. Аутсорсинг внешнеэкономической деятельностиFEA Consulting
    • assistance in searching, selecting, and assessing the reliability of the foreign supplier or manufacturer;
    • Negotiating with foreign partners;
    • preparation of foreign trade contract and its conclusion;
    • Presentation by representative of your company at any stage of the transaction and so on.
    1. logistics outsourcing
    • Organization of cargo transportation on the territory of another country;
    • consolidation of goods, check their quality, warehousing;
    • packaging, labeling, preparation for shipment;
    • Select the desired mode of transport and the development of logistics route.
    1. customs outsourcing
    • determining and assigning HS codes in accordance with features for classification (material, functions, the degree of processing and so forth.);
    • literate calculation of payments and customs duties (with us, you are insured against mistakes made by inexperienced brokers, which could delay the goods at the customs office for an indefinite period);
    • an inventory and receiving a package of necessary supporting documents, checking their conformity;
    • representing the interests of the customer in the state customs authorities and customs formalities;
    • processing of goods in the territory of the Russian Federation and its release into the circulation.   

    Trust us, you are guaranteed to get the effective organization of foreign trade activities, the transparency of, and confidence in the success of their company. 


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