In economic terms, imports - is any import of goods, works and services, as well as intellectual property without obligation about their return.

Import plays an important role in the economy of any country and its development, opening horizons inaccessible internal capabilities and resources. By importing country can not afford the use of new technologies in the production of goods and services. Import acts and control the dialogue between the two countries, especially resource.

Of course, imports still imposes some difficulties for domestic producers. Significantly increased competition. For example, in our country it is hard for many manufacturers because their products are often inferior in quality characteristics of the imported goods. That is why the State imposes certain modes at the customs procedure of importation of goods into the territory of our Russian to preserve the competitiveness of domestic goods, to help develop the economy.

Import, as the customs procedure

Import customs sense of the word refers to the procedure of release of goods for domestic consumption. In this situation, the imported goods are released for free circulation in the territory of the customs union without restrictions, unless otherwise provided by law.

Goods are placed under the procedure of release for domestic consumption, if:

  • Paid import duties and taxes;
  • Clearly observe all prohibitions and restrictions;
  • Providing a full list of required documents.

If all of the above conditions are met, the product acquires the status of the goods the customs union. There are also benefits to pay customs duties, preferential treatment for certain goods.

Such privileges and preferences apply in respect of goods which are subject to special restrictions related to the use of the goods in the territory of the customs union. Such goods shall be subject to conditional release, which is regulated by Article 200 TKRF. In this case, the goods retain their status of foreign goods.

The customs declaration shall be submitted in the normal mode, all payments must be paid within the period prior to the release for free circulation of goods. The obligation to pay duties and taxes arises at registration of the customs declaration by customs authorities.

Customs clearance and related services in Vladivostok

"Association of Customs Brokers" - a company - customs broker, Vladivostok - a city in which the company operates. We specialize in complex services, which includes:

  • Customs clearance ;
  • Certification;
  • Delivery of goods from China ;
  •  Multimodal transportation;
  • Express delivery of goods .

All of our employees - highly qualified specialists in the field of customs and laws, logistics and any issues related to foreign economic activities.

We can advise you on all matters relating to our business scope and are ready to represent your interests in customs bodies. You can confidently pass on to us the problems associated with communication with the staff of the customs services, the delivery of goods from the Far East region.

We provide you with the most advantageous terms of cooperation, both in terms of price and in terms of complexity.

With us it is convenient and profitable! Rely on professionals with extensive experience, and save money, time and nerves, and your business will thrive!

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